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AwesomePurplePeople and what they are saying ...

Alan Kennedy (artist)
"I got these for Briana & Josiah at last Friday's opening reception art show... these were made by another wonderful artist Brenda Strocen"
Will G
"so proud of my Tee....(ty Brenda )...."
Will G
Loves his Particle People print.
Leah S
"Coloring Brenda's pictures helps to relax me."
Gregg Allan McGivern
"Amazing T-shirts by Feeling Purple. Brenda Strocen"
Erin R
"These coloring pages are LIFE!! 💚 I seriously can't wait to finish this piece!"
Erin Royal
Wearing her Particle People T-shirt.
Keisha S
"thanks for the (coloring) sheets love them"
Madison H
Madison wearing one of her favorite t-shirts.
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Feeling Purple Artworks by Brenda S Strocen

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