I'm an artist, not a website designer!

Today, I am working on my new website. It's pretty exciting thinking I will actually be on the internet and people will come to my site and see my art work. And maybe even buy something! I will finally be able to call myself a 'professional 'artist. I could even become famous!

OK. That's the fun part. Dreaming...

The other part is that I have no idea what I'm doing. And so I am stuggling. And getting frustrated. And second guessing myself. And getting impatient. And drinking too much coffee. And wishing someone else could do it for me. And ... you get the picture.

But then I sit back. Take a deep breath. And laugh. And go back and work on it some more. Because what else can I do?

The biggest disappointment so far is realizing that the photos I had taken of my artwork are not as good as I thought they were. They didn't look that bad on facebook and pinterest (Did they?) But adding them to my website just makes my work look awful. I guess I do have to pay to have some proper photographs taken. Some things you just have to spend money on.

Anyways, I will talk with you all soon. And go back to working on my website. I do dream of being a famous artist someday.


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