Talking about my "Color Me Purple" drawings

(Colored by Lesley Kelly)

I was inspired to try drawing with sharpies after admiring the work of other sharpie artists and zentangle artists from around the world. If you look this type of art work up on google, you will be amazed by what you find! Sharpies can be used to draw on paper and canvas, but some talented artists have also drawn on cars, surf boards, guitars and other surfaces. The sharpie is a wonderful medium that can be used on so many bases.

Once I drew my first picture with a black sharpie I became obsessed! As with colored pencil, I enjoy drawing clear somewhat simplistic images made up of strong, vivid detailing. I like how the sharpie allows me to draw bold, smooth lines and create the smallest of features within my drawings. One 9 x 12 picture can take me more than 20 hours to complete. I start with a light pencil sketch of my subject and them take over with a sharpie. As I draw, I challenge myself to see where and how I can add more detail and how precise I can make my lines.

Once I started displaying my sharpie creations, it was suggested to me by some of my fans that they would enjoy coloring these types of pictures. This led me to start selling inexpensive prints of my "Color Me Purple" drawings. I have them laser printed onto a 65 lb - 8.5 x 11 inch paper that has a slight texture to it. Because the drawings are done black on white, these prints look good framed and displayed but at the same time are fun to color too. My only purpose in offering very affordable prints is that more people are able to enjoy my art work as much as I enjoy creating it.

My future goal with sharpies is to create larger pieces of work on canvas so stay tuned!

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