"Pay What You Will" event

To celebrate my birthday and wedding anniversary, I have decided to try something new: a "Pay What You Will" Facebook event. I am hosting this event starting today, May 15th until May 25th.

Each day I will be adding a different piece of original artwork up for sale. I will then ask that anyone interested in purchasing it to private message me with the price they are offering to pay and the reason why they want it. This will help me decide who will be given the first opportunity to buy it as of May 26th. The highest bid will not necessarily be my first choice. The reason why someone wants a particular piece of work is also important to me.

I first learned about this pricing concept from an interview with Cory Huff from the Abundant Artist and Tom Morkes, the author of The Complete Guide to Pay What You Will Pricing. I really liked the idea and after investigating the artists they used as case studies, I decided to try it myself.

What's the worst that can happen? I get a few likes and comments on Facebook. Not so bad, right? But you never know, I might also sell some artwork. And that would be awesome!

So if you are interested in checking out my "Pay What You Will" event, visit my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/feelingpurpleartworks.

And for more information on pay what you will pricing, check out theabundantartist.com and tommorkes.com.

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