The Perfect Christmas Tree

I decided to ask my 2 year old granddaughter Emma to help me decorate my Christmas tree this year. She was so excited! I let her choose from the large selection of baubles I have. (And I do have a lot!) The first color she chose was purple which of course made me smile and "feel purple." With a little help, she had placed quite a few purple baubles on the tree. Then she chose the shiny red ones. From red she went to the blue patterned ones. And she was really happy when she discovered the blue ones with snowflakes on them. She then added a few white baubles to the mix. This activity took up most of our visit. It was surprising how putting ornaments on a Christmas tree could be so engaging to a toddler who is often so easily distracted.

That evening as my husband and I looked at our tree, we decided to leave the decorations as Emma had placed them ... all at the bottom of the tree on a few select branches. This is a new thing for me as I have always been such a perfectionist when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree. I was the woman who could spend hours placing each ornament in the perfect place. And the mother who redid the Christmas tree the next day when my sons were in school. (I should apologize to them for that.) I have to admit that I did add some of my other ornaments to the upper part of the tree the next day, but when Emma visited again, she noticed right away. She had me take down each one so she could add it to the tree herself. All on the same branch at the bottom of the tree!

And do you know what? Our tree is beautiful! I understand now that the perfect Christmas tree is the tree decorated with love and family (and Emma!)

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